10 Best Coupon Apps for Android

The old school way of collecting coupons can be very frustrating and will probably take a lot of time from you. This means that you’ll spend your time searching in various newspapers, looking for the best deals and saving them, which isn’t quite productive. Thanks to technology, we now have coupon apps that make our lives way easier, at least when it comes to collecting coupons. You can now scan coupons, clip them and upload them and by doing that you’ll have the same benefits. This is great for those who are working for most of the day and don’t have time to collect them. So… 10 best coupon apps for Android; let’s start!

1. The Coupons App

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or genius to see what’s this app for. That’s right, The Coupons App is the best app for gathering coupons, as there are tons of coupons right here. The app offers new deals every day so you can them directly on your phone, without the need to print them. Aside from that, The Coupons App comes with an installed barcode scanner, which works great and you can also set the app to notify you when the new deals come. Overall, this is the best app for this matter, and even better is that it’s completely free for your Android phone!

2. SnipSnap

SnipSnap takes advantage of your phone’s camera, so you can take a photo of a paper coupon that can be turned into an offer, ready to be claimed. Simple as that; show the phone to the cashier when you checkout and you’re done. This app will help you save a lot of money, but the only downside here is that works only with retailer coupons and these are usually coupons for store or restaurants. Nevertheless, SnipSnap is a great app and comes free of charge.

3. SavingStar

SavingStar is another app focused on retailer coupons, but it works pretty well. All you need to do in the beginning is to link your app with your loyalty card and check the list of savings. You can then immediately purchase the product(s) you want, but only up to $5, as this is the limit. But, this is not where it ends. SavingStar offers you a possibility to transfer that money to your bank or Paypal account or you can forward it directly to a charity, which is great; you buy something for you and help people.

4. Flipp- Weekly Ads & Coupons

When it comes to coupon apps, I like those simple, straight-to-the-point apps like Flipp. Again, this app is very simple and works really well with the coupons. I also like the feature where you can redeem your coupon and attach it to your loyalty card, which is a pretty unique feature. As with the other coupon apps, Flipp can also notify you when there are new deals available, so you can follow them with ease. As Flipp supports over 800 retailers, there are no worries. Just don’t forget to swipe your loyalty card at checkout, to redeem all deals.

5. Ebates

Ebates’ focus is to help you save money by offering you coupons and discount codes for your shopping. The app also looks really great, which I like and it’s easy to use. Ebates also offers one unique feature, and that is the possibility to get cashback if you are shopping through the app. This money, of course, can be used to purchase more stuff through the app. Ebates is free for Android, and it’s definitely worth a shot, as it doesn’t take much space and works well.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta is surely one of the most popular coupon apps at the moment and it works like a rebate machine. Ibotta has its own list of products which is updated weekly, from which you can choose products, complete a related task and purchase the products after that. The payments are done via cash or gift cards which you can select in the app. Ibotta also has a desktop version, which is great and will let you utilize it even better.

7. Yowza

When it comes to savings, Yowza might be one of the best apps. Unlike many other coupon apps where users upload coupons and discount codes, Yowza allows retailers to upload various offers and coupons which results in even better savings. Another good thing is that Yowza uses your location to help you save money around your vicinity and make it easier for you to utilize those coupons or discount codes. Of course, you can search for other retailers as Yowza supports over 70 000 retailers at the moment.

8. Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ isn’t just a coupon app, but a great grocery list. The app works a little different from the typical coupon apps, but it’s simple, no worries. You just need to create a custom grocery list and do your searching using that list of the products you usually buy to look for coupons. Grocery iQ also works with your loyalty cards, so you can now save those deals directly to your card and use them at checkout, by swiping a card.

9. Krazy Koupon Lady

Krazy Koupon Lady allows you to search for coupons and deals from other coupon apps such as Ibatta or Checkout 51. Essentially, this is a sort of search engine for deals and discount codes that works really well and offers a few more features. In Krazy Koupon Lady you can create a shopping list and sync them with the other devices and it offers tutorials on how to make your “couponing” better and more efficient.

10. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot sports a classic, coupon app design with a usual set of features. Sure, you can search for offers in this app, and sure, you can use your camera to scan barcodes. RetailMeNot works with over 50 000 retailers and can help you save a lot of money by introducing cashback offers and various deals. It’s also free for Android and is one of the most popular coupon apps. Try this app along with the other apps on our list, to further increase savings.


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